Shades of Gray

photo3February in Minnesota. The sky? Gray. The streets? Gray. The 3-month old piles of snow and debris? Gray. The trees? Trying to be anything but gray. The mood? Yep. Gray.  Or maybe ashen… neutral… mousy… bland… drab… dingy… monochromatic… stale… leaden… How did Laura Ingalls Wilder survive here without a laptop and high speed Internet, Apple TV, and a Wii Fit? I have no idea. None.

So here’s to the little creatures who bring some color into my otherwise gray days working from home: Chloe, Samson, Geronimo, and well, yes, Chris. They really are kind of cute…






One thought on “Shades of Gray

  1. Oh good gracious, are you showering your parrot? Is that a mini rain forest you’ve concocted? If so, that’s about the greatest thing since a puppy parka.

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