What’s on my iPod

I just rambled through my memory (what’s left of it) and remembered my audition songs for BYU’s Young Ambassadors in the Spring of 1981. I was a senior in high school, and  sang “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” and “I Believe in Music.” Might as well have brought my own tambourine with me, right? Oh, and I also wore ballet slippers and jeans to the dance call. Yes. It’s true. I know, even I get nauseous with embarrassment when I think about it. Later I would learn that Dee Winterton (director/choreographer) had to turn his head away every time I danced because he hated ballet slippers so badly. But in the end, they let me in…god, that was such a long time ago!

Anyway — after I retired from the entertainment industry in the late nineties, I kind of turned music-agnostic for a while. I was so burned out. I still don’t sing, but enjoy searching iTunes and  “shazam-ing” any music I hear on the radio, in the store, in an elevator, or in a restaurant or bar and sampling it all. Chris is always teasing me about my phase of “angry lesbian music” I was listening to for a while… Sara McLaughlin, Sean Colvin, Amanda Marshall (who I still LOVE, thank you Jon Lamoreaux for turning me onto her — her voice is unreal), but then Chris believes Deborah Cox saved Broadway, so I think we’re even.

Here’s a list of my fav’s…



  • Augustana — All the Stars & Boulevards
  • A Fine Frenzy — One Cell in the Sea
  • Five for Fighting — Two Lights (“65 Mustang” — great lyrics, nice storytelling; “World” is also a fav)
  • The Fray — How to Save a Life
  • Maroon 5 — Songs About Jane (my first intro to them, so will always love it)
  • OneRepublic — Dreaming Out Loud (“Say — All I Need” is beautiful; love the chants below the melody, and the way the melody twists and turns but stays memorable)
  • The Script — Self-Titled (my newest band discovery… I am obsessed with this CD!)
  • Snow Patrol — Eyes Open and A Hundred Million Suns (I’m still not tired of either of these releases)

Solo  Artists:



  • Amanda Marshal — Everybody’s Got a Story (still love her)
  • Colbie Cailat — Coco
  • Curtis Stigers — Time Was (oldie but goodie; wish the guy would do some more)
  • Daniel Powter — Self Titled
  • Daughtry — Daughtry Bonus (I’m not an American Idol fan, but always tune into some of the finalists…)
  • David Cook — David Cook (second tribute to American Idol… similar style to Daughtry)
  • Edwin McCain — America Street
  • Gavin Rossdale — Wanderlust (the jury is still out, but am loving “Love Remains the Same”)
  • Jason Mraz — We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things. (“Lucky” w/Colbie Caillat is sweet; “I’m Yours” is getting overplayed like crazy, but is such a nice mix of island flavor and intelligent lyrics and melodies)
  • Jon McLaughlin — OK Now (every song on this release is good. every song. ever single song. “Why I’m Talking To You” is so sexy — it grooves from the intro and just doesn’t stop!)
  • Josh Kelley — Just Say the Word and Special Company (“Talking in Circles” is a must-listen on JStW; and “Just Say the Word” is another keeper… really talented man)
  • Leona Lewis — Spirit (FINALLY, another gorgeous voice that is not hidden behind vocal tricks and riffs; her cover of  “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” is breathtaking)
  • Mat Kearney — Nothing Left to Lose
  • Matt Nathanson — Some Mad Hope (my newest solo artist discovery and I’m obsessed with him, too…) refreshing, real; “Come On Get Higher” kicks off the CD and sets the mood)

One thought on “What’s on my iPod

  1. I’m proud to have contributed to your music library. I feel like that may just be my purpose in life. It’s certainly the only thing I’m remotely good at. Too bad you can’t feed your family with it.

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