Spring Is Far From Awakening

springint-logoSo, my neighbors Don and Mary had free tickets to the musical touring version of the Broadway smash hit Spring Awakening. Chris and I were going to go together, but at the last minute, he decided the storyline of a young girl’s coming of age in Germany was just too much for him to take.  Me? You know my background. Of course I was going. And more importantly, I’m a HUGE Duncan Sheik fan. Knowing he was the composer and lyricist, I thought I couldn’t go wrong.

And actually, the show was good. The audience sucked. Not that it was their fault, really. The show was billed as an adolescent coming of age story,  so it stands to reason that teens and their parents would flock to it on a Tuesday evening at 7:30. But a coming of age storyline doesn’t necessarily bode well for a coming of age audience! A little more sophistication was definitely a prerequisite.

Every glimmer of flesh? Loud whispers behind playbills. Every bare buttock sighting? Giggles and snorts. Every sexual insinuation — physically or verbally? Brought the whole house down! I was rolling my eyes in frustration about 30 minutes into it, and left the production at intermission. A shame, really, because the music was great, the voices were adequate, and the set, choreography and use of space were really inventive. It was my fellow theater-goer who ruined my night! Go figure!

Let’s just hope teens don’t flock to see HAIR or Take Me Out! Then it won’t be a Spring Awakening, but a Rude Awakening!


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