Googling My Past

Okay. I did it. I admit it. I Googled myself tonight. There’s nothing on TV. I’m procrastinating a work project that’s due shortly. So I Googled myself. No, it’s not the first time. God, no. I’m as vain as the next man. The problem is that there are two incredibly prolific Alan Newbold’s across the pond. One in the tech business (who drives sports cars and travels the convention circuit speaking in his free time) and another who has the most frightening Facebook pages I’ve ever seen (including bad drag). So finding the real ME usually takes me at least 3 to 4 search pages in!

So tonight, this link pops up that is actually me: Let Me Be A Light. let-me-be-a-light_lgIt’s a long forgotten recording for Janice Kapp Perry I did back in, oh, it’s got to be 1985. That was 24 years ago!!! No wonder I didn’t even remember recording it. I recorded two songs in Japanese on this CD — or maybe it was an album back then, who knows. But wow, what a trip into my past those song clips took me down. If you’re REALLY interested, I perform the songs “Song of Testimony” and “The Lord Is My Strength” — and yes, you can order them individually.

And the next Google entry? “LDS actors with smaller film roles.” Enough said. My entertainment career lives on the World Wide Web in the form of religious songs sung in Japanese and the acknowledgement that I had “lesser” LDS film roles. I can die happy now. My legacy lives on. Sayonara.


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