“Working” from Home…

homeofficeAfter two weeks of working remotely, I think I can officially take the “air quotes” away from “working” from home. I had forgotten how much you get done at home without running to the printer, only to find the toner is out or the paper needs refilling; coffee on the way in, coffee at 11 AM, coffee at 2:30 PM; acknowledging anyone and everyone who pops their head in your door — with a smile — no matter the deadline you’re on; and the improvisational greeting, meeting, etc.

But on the other hand, I miss the banter, the energy, the quick meet and greets, the staff meetings in person, the face-to-face conversations where I KNOW no one is multi-tasking and I can actually read their body language, etc.

The jury’s not necessarily still out. It’s just hung. Yin. Yang. Pos. Neg. Pro. Con. And every other one syllable homonym combo I can conjure up. But I’m working. At home or in an office, as long as I’m working, life is good.


One thought on ““Working” from Home…

  1. Good to see you’ve updated your blog! I got your voice mail the other day. I’ll be in Utah from 2/7-15.

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