Safe, Sound and Subzero!


Okay, I couldn’t resist the alliteration. But after what seemed like the longest truck-ride in history — yes, even longer than our cross-country escapade to Palm Springs — we made it back to Minneapolis. I chronicled my FaceBook page with photos and updates, but will call out a few of the highlights here…

3photoGeronimo, again, takes home top honors for best traveler. Chloe? Worst traveler. Ever. She gets so stressed that she has to be in your lap, and even then will not really sleep, but is on constant “look out” mode, though we’re never sure what for… Samson is golden. He can sleep through anything, as long as his head is covered. Chris and me? We’ve vowed to never move again. Never move ourselves again. Never drive a truck again. Just never. Ever.

Best moment of the trip? Watching Samson and Chloe go into a frenzy each time we checked into a “less than spectacular” motel. Chris and I were both perversely amused and somewhat frightened at the intensity with which they investigated every smell in each room.


The carpet, the bedspread, the sheets, the pillows, the towels… It was one of the reasons Chris and I vowed never to move again. We could barely get to sleep wondering what might have been the cause for all that remained in the room for our little Dacschunds to investigate so thoroughly. Try as we might, we just couldn’t find a luxurious, pet-friendly W Hotels right off the freeway exit!


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