Parrots, Packing and Penske…


Two days away from January 1, 2009 and I find myself on the road again — this time BACK to Minneapolis. This time for good. Chris and I are finally finished with dueling careers. His won. He makes the bucks. Now that’s not to say I’m not doing well for myself, mind you, but his company has had him traveling back and forth to Minneapolis since October every Tuesday through Friday. I love our animals,  but single parenthood? Not such a fan! So, with his company’s desire to have him back there full time, on top of countless other mitigating factors, we’re packing up and heading back to Minneapolis.

We have this packing thing down to a science, from staging area dry runs to our ability to fully box up our life within 8 hours. Our skill set in this arena is truly scary. There’s money to be made here somewhere, but we’re just too tired of moving to figure out exactly where that might fit in! In the meantime, we’re celebrating the fact that this will be our last move in this century!

And I’m putting that in writing, damn it!!!!!


Check out our “staging area”… We paced off the 16-foot Penske truck (800 cubic feet) and then “loaded” our living room on a practice run. It’ll be close, but it SHOULD all fit. If not? Well, some lucky New Yorker is going to find a few boxes and an etager on the corner of William and Exchange! Have at it!


2 thoughts on “Parrots, Packing and Penske…

  1. No, we hadn’t done it before, but got nervous with the size of the truck… Needn’t have worried. Plenty of room. And we packed so well not a thing moved and not a thing was damaged! We really should start a business!

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