Wishing You a Black and Tan Christmas!

Journal excerpt dated 12/21/2007:

With work winding down, the weekend approaching, and still no Allied Van full of our “life,” I’m finding a little more time to catch you up on the cross-country events. You’re up to date on air travel, so we’ll move along to ground travel. We loaded all our household goods a week ago Wednesday, but ended up being the first loaded on the world’s largest moving van… so, we’re scheduled to receive our goods on Christmas Eve morning. Not a bad thing, really. The condo feels a little bare, but the puppies are having a hey day skidding from room-to-room chasing each other with no obstacles or barriers in their way. The sound of their little nails scratching the hard wood floor isn’t necessarily music to our ears, but more of a reminder to get their nails trimmed this weekend.
The load-out a week ago Wednesday in Palm Springs went really well — thank you, Chris. I can’t take credit for much of this move back, as I was holed up in a bathroom writing new business plans while Chris shouldered the load of this move back to Minneapolis. I don’t know how he did it with his own job, but can only say I am grateful for his project management skills. Without them? Dead in the water. We both put our packing skills to good use this time around. Having had such horrific experiences with national moving companies in the past, we opted to pack the house ourselves, cutting the cost of the move and the risk of broken/damaged goods… or so we hope. Christmas Eve morning will tell that tale.

So, we’re as moved in as we can be. The house echoes a little, but it sure feels nice to be back in it. We got an incredible deal on an 8-foot Christmas Tree: $28.00! Go ahead beat that! Minnesota-grown Frazier fur and everything. I hung the lights on it the other night and it looks beautiful… a little lonely without the other decorations, but one day at a time. Now if I can just keep Samson and Chloe from eating the bottom branches and drinking the brackish tree water, we’ll be good to go.

Merry Christmas, everyone.


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