Show Me Leather!

One of my favorite past-times is keeping a journal… a leather-bound journal. And even more favorite than the past-time of making journal entries is the search for a new journal. Whenever one of my journals is nearly full, I start prowling bookstores and stationary shops for just the right addition to my collection. They always vary, pending on my mood or state of mind at the close of any journal. And that’s what I love most… Seeing which retailer has produced a beautiful, pristine journal that creates the perfect pairing of my current mindset and their design.

Needless to say, the replacement of pen to leather-bound page with a keyboard and an inordinate number of “edit options” is going to put me in a state of perplexed misery for quite some time. But I’ll deal with it. And I’ve decided that the blogs between today, Christmas Eve 2008 and New Year’s Eve 2008, will all be excerpts from earlier journals — as far back as my high school years (if I can find those in the storage unit 12 blocks away). Trust me… It will be more frightening for me to relive, than for you. But it will be an adventure for all of us. Many of my earlier journal entries were written more for “my posterity” than for myself (clearly my Mormon upbringing will surface sooner rather than later — thus my love for journals). However, on occasion, some raw experience affected me enough to shed the carefully worded prose and dive into an unprotected expose when recounting the moment in time. The difference will be palpable, amusing, potentially a little embarrassing, with just a touch of the painful. Should make for a good read.


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