Life in the Desert

Excerpt from an email/journal entry dated 10/30/2007 (Move to Palm Springs):


Well, we were all set to fly out to Palm Springs and meet the movers, when we decided to check out cars while still in
Minneapolis.  We had already purchased one, and were taking delivery of it in Palm Springs a few days after our arrival. But we had been researching several different types for my weekly commute to LA and Chris’ monthly commute to the OC. (I know, how very CA of me, right?) We ended up purchasing a Volvo in Minneapolis (I never realized Chris had this big safety streak in him, right? Love that!). So we quickly re-arranged our travel plans, loaded up the SUV (yes, I said it: SUV. Sue me. I still love the environment… especially when I can see it plan and clear very high up while driving) with a few of our necessities, the puppies and the bird and headed West. Much to our chagrin, we GROSSLY miscalculated the driving time and miles and ended up having to drive 25 hours straight to meet the moving van. It was pretty ugly. By the time we got there, the only happy traveler was Geronimo, who seemed to adjust to car travel extremely well. We beat the movers by 30 minutes, and unloaded our belongings on the hottest day of the summer. A cool, breezy 118 degrees. Welcome to Palm Springs.



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