Groundhog Day

Journal excerpt dated 12/06/2006:

Okay, it’s 6:55 AM and I’m online on my personal account. You already know something’s up, right? Well, while I was in the moment, I thought I’d share my activities of the day with you… Yes, my activities of the day…. which started at 3:30 AM with a16-year old dog who’s body clock is a little off nowadays. That little wet lick on my nose to tell me she needs to go out is fine, but at 3:30 AM? But then, having recently awakened to both liquid and solid presents from her in bed just last week, I opted to get my butt out of bed and take her outside… Did I mention it is well below freezing? In the low teens? Mmmmm, love that balmy winter breeze.

So… we get back into bed, but she now believes it’s time for breakfast. And this is a dog who loves to eat ( could possibly take after me, as I am now a hefty 183 lbs and looking more and more like Uncle Hal — RIP — every day), so convincing her it was not breakfast time was a tough call. She finally ended up in her kennel, and me with my earplugs in, trying to avoid both the guilt and the sound of her whining and pushing her nose up against the kennel door.
5 AM rolls around and the alarm goes off. Time for the gym. Daphne was happy, she finally got to eat! So I head out the door, hop on the bus, get to the counter, only to find I don’t have my wallet with me. Okay, not a huge problem, I’m in the system… but what does that do to the rest of my day? Pretty much messes it up. No card key for work. No credit cards. No driver license. No cash… wait — No cash? Yep, you guessed it. No way to get back home on the bus to get my wallet. I didn’t even have quarter to my name this morning, and it takes TWO of them to ride the bus home. And why not buy a bus pass? Well, actually, I have tried repeatedly. My company is actually taking pre-taxed money out of my account every pay period to make it happen, but, of course, the woman who doles them out only doles them between 2 Pm and 2:03 Pm every third Tuesday of a leap year!
So, this 44-year old PR executive borrows a buck from the poor guy behind the counter at the gym, only to realize the bus won’t make change (and, by the way, Chris told me it does — I just never had to try it) so I head over to my local Starbucks. Now, god love them, the minute I walk in the door, they start making my coffee. I had to ask them to stop because I didn’t have any money this morning, and just needed them to make change for the bus! After hearing my story, they made change, sent me out the door with my free coffee, and encouraged me to stay home the rest of the day.
So… I get home, Chris bemusedly asks me how the gym was, to which I grumble and head into the bedroom to begin tearing apart my gym bag to find my wallet. Nowhere. The hall closet. Nowhere. The night stand, the kitchen drawer, the hall table. Nowhere. I’m swallowing a few foul words and thoughts — no need to give Chris more humorous ammunition than he already has, right? — and head into the den. There, resting comfortably on the arm of the desk chair is my wallet. Perfectly camouflaged against the black background and nearly identical in size as the arm. Relief. But now I have to start my day again.

So… I’ve showered, shaved — skipped the gym, there’s a meeting at work I KNOW i can cancel to make the gym happen — and thought I’d share my morning with you all before heading back out the door to try it all again.


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