From Whispers to Growls

Journal excerpt dated 11/18/2007:

… And the training saga (saga is a little grand, but sounds good) continues… While we won’t see Kathy the Dog Trainer until after Thanksgiving, we’re still working diligently, if not feverishly, to instill the obedience genes in our little pair of hellions. Samson is still happily piddling his way into our hearts, and Chloe’s new trick  is to pull dirty laundry (okay, more specifically, underwear and gym shorts) and wear them around her neck with glee. Don’t know how a puppy that is 6″ high at the shoulder gets laundry out of a 2′ high laundry basket, but she is nothing if not tenacious.

Okay, you’re wondering about the pecking order. There have been changes. Chloe and I are probably tied now. Much to her chagrin, I’ve been exerting my alpha-maleness in her direction, and it’s working.  She rolls on to her back with frequency, and no longer challenges me with her eyes while performing our dominance tests. But knowing Chloe,
she’s probably plotting like some psycho-path in a mental hospital, just playing along that the treatment is working until the opportunity is right and then going for the kill. Death by Daschund. There’s a headline for you.

As for Samson, Chris and I exploded with stereotypical fatherly pride two days ago when he growled at Chris! Our little “less than aggressive boy” (we don’t use “special,” “wimpy” or “wuss” around him, you know) found it in himself to assert some control over a toy! (Okay, the toy was a fabric softening dryer sheet, but cut him some slack!) We were thrilled! “Make him growl again!” I cried! In hindsight, I realize I may now be able to empathize — albeit with irony and dark humor —  with all of the fathers in the world who cheered and slapped themselves on the back when their “less than
aggressive boys” actually hit the ball or swore in front of them! Now, of course, our goal is to get him to growl as often as we can. I even think that Kathy the Dog Trainer may approve.


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