Deer X-ing

An excerpt from an email/journal entry dated 10/30/2007 (Move to Palm Springs):


A quick Chris story: Nearing 10 PM on our first night of travel, Chris was still behind the wheel, I was chatting on the phone with our friends Kent and George, when a deer lept onto the road and stood perfectly still! We couldn’t figure out what it was at first, but we were doing about 80 mph ( okay, but it was Kansas for gods’ sake! Would YOU drive slow?) and Chris slammed on the brakes. At the last possible moment, the deer jumped to the left of  the driver’s side, and we missed it’s hoof by inches. We slid to the side of the road ( I had politely hung up on Kent and George amid various shouts and expletives) — all in one piece, but sure we had hit it. I got out of the car to check — no deer to be found anywhere, but we swear we thought we hit it. I climbed back in, and we caught our breath. I was impressed by Chris’ reaction time, and very happy that the anti-lock brakes kicked in. We love our volvo.  We are proud to be called soccer moms! Power to the Volvo!  We were really grateful we did not hit the deer or damage the car. Less than 48 hours old and totaled by a deer. Not a story we wanted to have to tell. Luckily Geronimo’s cage was seat-belted in, and I through the soccer mom arm to keep the puppies from flying forward out of their kennel. Needless to say, deer x-ing signs were not welcome the rest of the trip.



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